For Norton Land Designs' founder, Michael Norton, the passion was ignited in a seventh-grade environmental project. Ever since, he has been driven by an intense appreciation for nature, and manís place in it. His education, professional life, and his recreational activities have revolved around the outdoors.

Mikeís passion has fueled an intense desire to understand everything he can about environmental science, and itís impact on design and development. Mike has a degree in environmental science, a graduate degree in landscape architecture, is a certified arborist, a forestry qualified professional, and is licensed in Maryland as a landscape architect. Mike is an avid outdoorsman, increasing his intimate understanding of nature through fishing, hunting, boating and hiking adventures.

Norton Land Design focuses primarily on environmental causes for pro bono work and charitable contributions. Norton has supported the DCBIA, CCA, Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited.

Norton Land Design begins recruiting by looking for professionals whose passion for the environment fuels excellence.

ďI love being outside. Thatís all there is to it!Ē

ďMike has very high energy. Itís as if heís on his eighth cup of coffee. I donít get that from most people in his field.Ē - Jim Clifford, Esq. Clifford, Debelius, Crawford Bonifant & Fitzpatrick, Chtd.