White Oak Recreation Area | Silver Spring, MD

Required by regulatory authorities for most projects, inventories, assessments and delineations can be an incredibly constructive first step of the process. Done well, they can not only satisfy requirements, but they can also be very informative. Norton Land Design has a streamlined process, allowing them to pay attention to detail and be thorough and accurate. Nortonís inventories, assessments and delineations easily meet Army Corps of Engineers, state, county, and city requirements, and also provide valuable insight into the natural resources.

Service Areas

  • Site tree and forest inventory and analysis
  • Large tree and forest surveys
  • ISA Certified Arborist reports and recommendation (in conjunction with Tree Save and Forest Conservation Plans)
  • Forest stand delineation and mapping
  • Wetland assessments
  • Wetland delineations, report and map preparation
  • Wetland avoidance and impact minimization analysis
  • Stream assessments