Residential Tree Protection Planning | Chevy Chase, MD

Maryland DNR Licensed Tree Expert

The Maryland Tree Expert Law requires that all those who do tree care services be licensed, guaranteeing consumers that Licensed Tree Experts have both the qualifications and the insurance to work with their trees. As a Licensed Tree Expert and a Licensed Landscape Architect, Norton has the ability to not just prepare tree preservation plans, but also optimize site planning to ensure that buildings and hardscapes work in harmony with the trees to be preserved. This is especially valuable on urban and suburban properties where permitting is required, and smaller spaces require creativity and precision.

ISA Certified Arborist

This international certification, which ensures a high level of qualification to obtain and ongoing professional development to maintain, enables Norton to prepare Certified Arborist Reports. These reports are required in both Maryland and Washington, DC. With this certification, Norton is able to help clients with a variety of tree needs, from filing requests for tree removal in Washington, DC and recommending distance from a tree for buildings or hardscapes for tree preservation, to submitting certified arborist reports for permitting.

Maryland DNR Forestry Qualified Professional

The Maryland Forest Conservation Law requires Forest Conservation Plans (FCP) and Forest Stand Delineations (FSD) for properties greater than 40,000 square feet. Only Maryland DNR Forestry Qualified Professionals, licensed landscape architects, and licensed foresters are able to submit FCPs and FSDs. If the existing forest cannot be retained, afforestation or reforestation plans must be demonstrated.

As both a Maryland Forestry Qualified Professional and a Licensed Landscape Architect, Norton is able to bring together both the ability to develop landscape plans as well as extensive forestry knowledge to meet the Forest Conservation requirements for properties that must comply with this law. With both technical forestry experience and very comprehensible landscape plans, Norton has a high level of success in getting forest conservation plans approved.

Service Areas

  • Forest bank planning
  • Forest mitigation
  • Wetland and waterway mitigation site selection & evaluation
  • Wetlands mitigation planning and design